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Sauna treatments and sauna hats - after a nice sauna physical feeling and sleep improves, it reduces emotional tension. Skin becomes more flexible, blood circulation and immunity improves. Sauna increases body's defenses against viruses

During bath time bronchi expand, breathing becomes frequent and profound, leaving a positive impact on immunity processes, facilitating chronic upper respiratory disease treatment process

People who regularly visit sauna are less sensitive to weather changes. Body’s thermoregulation system is strengthened. Sauna treatments are an effective tool for body fitness. Sauna hat protects head from overheating during the procedure. Sheep's wool has high temperature control properties, sheep's wool sauna hat lets head skin breathe. The hat will perfectly help you to stay longer in sauna so that during sauna procedures your body can relax, purify itself and regain strength

We offer high quality hand-made sauna hats from high quality 100% wool. Sauna hats come with felted or sewn edges. Sauna hats have inside loops for easy hanging. Felting is one of the oldest textile production techniques, and sauna hats made by our craftsmen can be hand-washed. Wet sauna hat may be stretched by hand and again you will get the desired shape and size.

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WE OFFER FOLOWING HATS: Traditional or classic Sauna Hats, Dwarf Sauna Hats, Sauna Hats with cut-out, Sauna Hats with floral designs, Sauna Hats with earflaps, Sauna Hats with horns, Sauna Hats with unique accessories, Sauna Hats for ladies, Children Sauna Hats, Ladies Winter Hats and other designs. Purchase a sauna hat, and bring a pleasant surprise for yourself, or a gift to your closest. Our sauna hats will be useful for you during the sauna procedure and they will create interesting and attractive ambience

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In the NEW section we try to please you with something original so that sauna hat would be attractive both in appearance and in the price. We also accept individual orders - sauna hat of your choice in color, sauna hat with inscriptions or symbols

Please indicate your head size in centimeters (without ears) in the order

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